Il commento del Presidente

M. Fumio FUJISAKI, presidente della PILOT Corporation Of Europe:

"The stakes are high for our industry in the preservation of natural resources.

PILOT is aware of this responsibility and has decided to fully and permanently engage itself in the reduction of its footprint.

Our commitment takes shape in our manufacturing processes, through the ISO 14001 norm and from now on, through the EMAS program, as well as in our products.

In 2006, we launched the Begreen range, which encompasses more than 22 different products made from recyclable materials.

More recently, the launch of the B2P Gel and Ballpoint, made from recycled plastic bottles in a design reminiscent of bottles, shows the point to which PILOT’s eco-design can create different and attractive products. 

Our product quality is undisputed and the involvement of all employees to improve our procedures is great. I would like to thank them and support them so we can all go further together."


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